Dear Parrots magazine,

Nest boxes

I respond to Bernie White’s letter in the last issue (Parrots Magazine July 2011) about nest boxes, and agree wholeheartedly with what he has said.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

More younger female bird keepers?

I have been attending bird shows and sales since 1994 and over the years the age of those attending seems to have got steadily older. But at the Parrot Society’s Summer Show at Stafford, there seemed to be a significant increase in the numbers of younger bird keepers. Couples in their 30s and 40s were in abundance and even younger people with babies in pushchairs. The presence of younger women may be significant. In America the canary/budgie part of the hobby has tended to be male dominated, as it is here in the UK, but the exotic finches and the full range of parrots and parakeets have largely been kept by women. Are we heading for a similar growth in female participation in bird keeping?

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Natural Parrot keeping

One of the reasons I love receiving my current issue of Parrots magazine is to turn to the up-to-date news out of the Loro Parque Foundation. The work this organization is doing borders on phenomenal, witness their astounding success with the Brotogeris genus, one of my favorites and a particular weak spot in the past avicultural achievements of the USA.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

The right nest boxes

I am a nest box manufacturer, and totally agree with Bernie White’s letter (July 2011 162).  Nest boxes being reinforced with metal is a deplorable practice.  It is true that chewing the boxes into there liking stimulates the breeding process, so why would you slow this down by putting metal around the corners and entrance holes.

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