In issue 222 –
Choosing the right cage, Part 1 by John Catchpole
In issue 222 –
Healthy feet helps makes healthy birds? — Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
In issue 222 –
African Grey Consultations, Part 2 by Sally Blanchard
In issue 222 –
Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) by Sally Blanchard

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Parrot events


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In this issue… Importance of perches; Research in the Budgie Lab at the University of Vienna; Scarlet Macaw Personality Profile; Is the Spix’s Macaw still the world’s rarest parrot; How to manage Cape Parrots and bees for the good of both in South Africa; Things to bear in mind when choosing a cage; Marita Grabowski’s recipe in the series called Veggie Leather; and much more.

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