In issue 254 -
The Grand Manipulators by Sally Blanchard
In issue 254 -
The wild Greys of Uganda by Elaine Henley and Lori J. DeLeo
In issue 254 -
Healing pomegranates: The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran
In issue 254 -
Stress reduction in Vet Visits by Stacey Vickery, RVN CGVNES & Thomas Dutton BVM&S CertAVP(ZM) DipECZM(avian) MRCVS

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New issue: February 2019


Parrots February 2019 edition available now

In this issue … Rosemary Low’s new column ‘People Helping Parrots’ focuses on James McGuinness; Eb Cravens discusses close contact with our birds; RSPCA report and birds for re-homing; Robert Alison enlightens us about the plight of Brazil’s parakeets; Sally Blanchard covers more of the smaller species we keep as hobbyists; Readers’ Story: Bill, my Blue-fronted Amazon; Monica Xiao’s cartoon of Koi & Bei birds; Leslie Moran with more about the Green-rumped Parrotlets; Vivian Miller with part two about parrots in history, legend and folklore; Dr David Waugh explains about saving the Santa Marta Parakeet; Sophie Piper shares a variety of opinions on wing clipping parrots; Charlotte James and James Brereton research Macaw’s food – chopped or whole?; Nicotine and parrots – a deadly combination; Jim Hayward’s breeding advice about the Derbyan Parakeet; News stories from around the world; Loro Parque Fundación’s latest report; Your parrot queries answered by our experts; Letter from our readers; Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events; Classified adverts; and lots more…

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