Northern Parrots are holding a Pop-Up Shop over the upcoming August Bank Holiday weekend, at their premises in Ramsbottom, Lancashire. The last remaining tickets for this free event are expected to run out quickly
In issue 258 -
Interview with the Vet – Part 1
In issue 258 -
Banjo, My Hero! Lindsay Cross explains how Banjo conquered feather plucking and survived aspergillosis to become a bird ambassador
In issue 258 -
Buffon’s Macaws – a most underrated and endangered species!
In issue 258 -
Raspberries, their unique contribution to good health

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New issue: July 2019


Parrots July 2019 edition available now

In this issue … Eb Cravens shares an interview with the vet, part 1; Rosemary Low’s latest column ‘People Helping Parrots’ focuses on Winny Weinbeck; Leslie Moran highlights the unique contribution that raspberries make to good health; Dr David Waugh tells us that there is still concern for the Red-tailed Amazon; Sally Blanchard explains the value of socialisation, part 3; Dr Roslynn Sinclair tells us about Buffon’s Macaws and her interest and love of them; Bridget Lee with part two of watching out for the signs of a sick parrot; Thomas Dutton MRCVS writes about orthopaedic disease in pet parrots; Lindsay Cross explains how Banjo conquered feather plucking and survived aspergillosis; Jes Fuhrmann tells her story of how Angel’s life changed from misery to thriving; RSPCA report and birds for re-homing; Loro Parque Fundación’s latest report; Monica Xiao’s cartoon of Koi & Bei birds; News stories from around the world; Your parrot queries answered by our experts; Letters from our readers; Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events; Back issue list; and lots more…

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