In issue 217 –
Feeding Facts: Some Mechanics of Parrot Eating — Eb Cravens
In issue 217 –
Bringing Another Parrot Home — Sally Blanchard
In issue 217 –
Cockatiels — Personality Profile by Sally Blanchard
In issue 217 –
Brown-headed Parrots — by Laurie J. Reitsema, Joseph W. Lanning, Geoffrey Mlongoti, Nafe Mlongoti

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Parrot events


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In this issue… Brown-headed Parrot — Observed in their natural habitat; Adding another bird? — Things to look out for; The Great Cockatiel — An ideal companion bird; Grubs and Insects — Are these tasty morsels?; Aspergillosis — How this condition is treated; Change in eating habits — Seasonal variations; 9th Parrots International Symposium — Rosemary Low reports; and much more.

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