In issue 274 -
Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens: Subtle Secrets for Feeding Psittacines – and Getting them to Eat
In issue 274 -
Non-stick Dangers: Pamela Howell highlights this potentially lethal issue
In issue 274 -
Landmark event for Philippine Cockatoo: David Waugh, Correspondent, Loro Parque Fundación
In issue 274 -
Coronavirus threat to PNG’s animal rescue centre

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Following government advice, and to ensure we continue to maintain our duty of care to protect our customers and members of staff, Parrots magazine is now operating a robust continuity plan that enables us to work remotely, which we are reviewing on a daily basis. This means it is business as usual.

We hope all our readers, and their birds, keep safe and well, and hope we will quickly get to the end of this unprecedented difficult period.

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New issue: October 2020


Parrots October 2020 edition available now

In this issue … Parrot News – Please send us your news stories; News from Loro Parque – Non-stop conservation; Helping the Belize Scarlets – Ali Wunderman was the only woman on a volunteer crew sent into the Belize jungle to defend a threatened population of Scarlet Macaws from pet trade poachers. Here she tells us about her wild escape into the Parrot Protection Programme to help; Getting bitten? – Maria J. Rose tells of her experience with her rescued African Grey; The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran – Flock dynamics in budgerigars; Orange-bellied threat – Orange-bellied Parrots are possibly the most endangered species in the world, as although efforts to bolster breeding ground populations are successful, the good work is undone when they migrate north; The Australian Outback by Robert Alison – how some parrots survive in this arid environment; Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens – “So You are Thinking of Getting
a New Parrot…?”; Doobie – like a shadow – Kimberly Jackson has taken on a Citron-crested Cockatoo called Doobie from a previous owner who was no longer able to look after him, and she has never looked back!; Great Autumn berries – Jim Hayward advises on which wild berries are safe and nutritious for your birds; Uncertain outlook for the Swift, by David Waugh, Correspondent, Loro Parque Fundación; Populations under 1000! By Rosemary Low – We must never forget this fact: Every time a species or a population vanishes, Earth’s capability to maintain ecosystem services is eroded to a degree, depending on the species concerned; Your parrot queries answered – our panel of experts is available to answer all your queries on companion or breeding parrots; Letters; DVDs and Back Issues for sale – a selection of mostly parrot related DVDs and many back issues of this magazine, all with delivery included in the price; Parrots Helpline. If you have a parrot problem – whether it be health, diet, or whatever – you can contact any of the advisors listed here; and lots more…

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