Dear Parrots magazine,

Hand-reared parrots not for breeding

Thank you for another interesting and educational issue (May 2013 – 184). I found your letters page particularly interesting this time round, not least because my 18 year-old African Grey, Meshi, has taken over the bathroom as a suitable place to build a nest and raise our chicks. (Please note the plural “our.”) Having been my companion from the age of ten weeks old and taken from the parental nest for hand-rearing when she was ten days old, she does not know she is a parrot.

Having read Pam Fryer’s articles over the years, because they have always made sense to me, I was particularly struck by her most recent letter to you. Every sentence she wrote had the ring of truth – a truth based on decades of personal experiences and her campaign for parrot welfare.

Kristin E. Shay, London



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