Dear Parrots magazine,


On reading the November issue, I am confused and frustrated over the different opinions and letters regarding the National Parrot Sanctuary. Either people love it or hate it. This cannot be. I have just read a report from the Sanctuary itself. They have been inspected by the RSPCA, the zoo licensing Authority, who spent six hours inspecting, and the Trading Standard officer. They were all 100 per cent happy. I have recently included The Sanctuary in my will, and now I am rather concerned.


I am not able to visit the Sanctuary myself as I live in Farnham. I am especially concerned over the letter written by ‘name withheld’. There seems to be a serious problem with pet parrots as they live a very long life. More people should take in rescue parrots, and the breeding of parrots should cease or be kept to a minimum. We also need more rescue sanctuaries. It is a good idea if Parrots magazine could list the sanctuaries in the UK and give a brief report.


Could someone write an article about the different parrots’ life spans and make people more aware of their own life span. For example, you shouldn’t buy an African Grey if you are 60 years old or more and with no-one to take care of it when you can no longer.

Unni Schau



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