Lost and Found Register UK

Parrots Lost and Found Register UK

John Hayward compiles the Lost and Found Register nationwide and updates this site on a regular basis. John is a past Detective Inspector and Wildlife Liaison Officer, which qualifies him admirably for this position. His work is invaluable to parrot keepers when birds have been lost or stolen.
If anyone has suffered a loss in this way, please contact John rather than Parrots magazine as he has nationwide contacts and an excellent relationship with most police forces. We thank him for this invaluable service.

John Hayward runs the National Theft Register. Call: 01869 325699. Email: click here

We've now extended our register to include everywhere outside the UK if you have lost, or found a bird and would like to add it or search for it Click here for our Parrots Worldwide Lost and Found Register page

Please note you must call John Hayward to add a lost, found or stolen bird to this register.
Call 01869 325699

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Register Date Reference Details
Stolen 14.04.2006 6461 Stolen on 14.4.06 in East Sussex, a Ducorps Cockatoo.
Lost 14.04.2006 6460 Lost on 14.4.06 at Gillingham, an Orange-winged Amazon.
Found 14.04.2006 6459 Found on 14.4.06 at Basingstoke, a Blue and yellow Macaw. Owner traced locally.
Found 13.04.2006 6458 With reference to the lost African Grey at Bridgewater on 13.4.06, this bird had been found by a third party and had been rehomed. As a result of information it was located and has been re-united with its owner. This is a typical case where positive I.D. is vital in proving ownership. Ring and microchip all birds.
Lost 13.04.2006 6457 Lost on 13.4.06 at Newton Abbott, a Golden-mantled Rosella, later found.
Lost 11.04.2006 6455 Lost on 11.4.06 at Mansfield, an African Grey.
Lost 05.04.2006 6454 Lost on 5.4.06 at Dartford, a Blue-fronted Amazon.
Lost 10.04.2006 6452 Lost on 10.4.06 at Bolton, an African Grey.
Found 09.04.2006 6449 Found on 9.4.06 at Slough, a Golden-mantled Rosella.
Lost 07.04.2006 6448 Lost on 7.4.06 at Pembroke, a Parakeet.
Stolen 11.04.2006 6447 Stolen on 11.4.06 at Northampton, two pairs of Derbyan Parakeets, a pair of Blue-fronted Amazons, a pair of Mealy Amazons, a Pair of African Greys, a pair of White-capped Pionus. The thieves also stole the washing from the clothes line to carry the birds away.
Stolen 04.04.2006 6446 Stolen on 4.4.06 at Northampton, a pair of Galahs, five Black-capped Conures, one Crimson-bellied Conure and a pair of Black-headed Caiques
Found 10.04.2006 6444 Found on 10.4.06 at Stockport, an African Grey.
Found 08.04.2006 6443 Found on 8.4.06 at Sheffield, a Rosella.
Lost 08.04.2006 6441 Lost on 8.4.06 at Haynes, Beds, a Blue-fronted Amazon.
Found 09.04.2006 6440 Found on 9.4.06 at Dewsbury, a Senegal.
Stolen 12.03.2006 6439 Stolen on 12.3.06 at Crewe, a Goffin's Cockatoo. Taken from an aviary at a private house. The thieves returned twice on subsequent nights when they attempted to break into the birdhouse but were disturbed by the owners who had increased their security arrangements. This species of Cockatoo is subject to Annex A and requires the necessary Article 10 licence if entered into the legal trade. Anyone offered such a bird without 'papers' should be most suspicious and report to us.
Found 03.04.2006 6436 Found on 3.4.06 at Warrington, a Kakariki.
Found 05.04.2006 6435 Found on 5.4.06 at Launceston, a grey Cockatiel.
Found 08.04.2006 6433 Found on 8.4.06 at Hounslow, a yellow Budgerigar.

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