14 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!

The February issue has just gone to press and we have another cracking issue for you! Betty Jean Craige explains why she thinks it is not natural for parrots to be subservient to humans, Rosemary Low talks lories and we tell in pictures an incredible tale about a wild and captive cockatoo that get together.
Keep your birds safe in this cold weather and make sure they have enough protection from the cold. Frost bite is extremely unpleasant and painful and could lead to a loss of limbs...

21 Dec

Happy Christmas everyone!

The team here at Parrots magazine would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas! We have all been working really hard to finish the February issue so it is available on time in January and I'm proud to say we have some incredible articles lined up for you! A wild cockatoo and disabled captive cockatoo become inseparable after an amazing courtship! Guy Hull experiences being in the middle of a budgie frenzy in the Outback and Rosemary Low talks Lories... And that's just for starters!
Don't forget to start collecting parrot-safe disposables that you can make parrot toys with. In the February issue we also announce details of the prizes we have on offer for our THINK PARROTS 2013 DIY Enrichment Toy Competition! All you have to do is make up an enrichment toy out of household throwaways, cheap items or natural trimmings from the garden or countryside and bring it to our Show on 19 May where the best three will receive amazing enrichment themed prizes!
The adverse weather conditions are unfortunately looking to continue for the next few days - I really hope no-one has lost aviaries and birds due to the floods... Keep safe and keep your parrots safe and we'll see you next year!

17 Dec

The January issue is out now!

We have another great magazine in store for you and tackle the problems of one-person parrots, dealing with a parrot's change of behaviour when they mature and what to do with a companion macaw that keeps laying eggs. Our Parrot Queries page this month is devoted to pet African Greys and we announce full details of our DIY enrichment toy-making competition! We also discuss the health benefits of cranberries.
Subscribers should have received this month's issue of Parrots magazine by now and it is available for purchase and immediate despatch on the website www.parrotmag.com. It is in the shops from Thursday 20 December.

05 Dec

Volunteering opportunity in Ecuador

If you are up for an amazing adventure we provide details of an incredible volunteering opportunity at an animal rescue centre in Ecuador. No professional skills or experience needed, just a love of animals and birds, and a desire to want to save the wildlife of the Amazon rainforest. It will change your life forever!

Buy the December 2012 issue now for full details!

29 Nov

Avian lighting vital at this time of year

All parrots and parakeets benefit from Avian UV-lighting. But it is important to choose the right lamp for your situation or particular parrots. It is also essential that they are fitted correctly and their useage is regulated. All these factors are addressed by avian lighting expert John Courtney-Smith, in the last of his series of articles, in the current December 2012 issue of the magazine.

09 Nov

Exceptional parrots...

A very bright and colourful, action-packed December issue of Parrots is winging its way to subscribers and should be dropping on your doormat today! It is due in the shops on Thursday 15 November.
This issue brings many examples of the amazing intuitive powers of parrots. If your bird has done anything out of the ordinary or has shown exceptional behaviour of any kind, please email us with your story! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

15 Nov

Munch, Adrian, Lumpi and Sneezy!

The ARA Project in Costa Rica has spent 20 years building up a genetically diverse, viable, captive population of Buffon's Macaws and preparing for the moment they can begin releasing Buffon's into the wild, to save this species from extinction.
But, releasing these birds is not done lightly and it is with their heart in their mouth that they slowly let each one go. Ten were released last year. Eight regularly return to the release site, but two have disappeared, although Buffon's have been sighted out of the area and it is hoped that they are the two missing macaws.
Release 2 began in August 2012 and so far five birds have been liberated (including Mick a few days ago). But how did they get on in their first few hours, days and weeks? In the December issue, out now, we closely follow their exploits in the wild and it makes fascinating reading. Observing them and trying to keep tabs on them is as heart-rendering as it is amazing, with some individuals coping far better than others...

30 Oct

Bandanas for a small donation

If you would like to help African Grey Parrots stay safe in the wild support one American man's amazing campaign and buy one of his wonderful limited edition bandanas for a small donation. See the November issue of Parrots magazine to read his incredible story and for details of where you can purchase these brightly-coloured, hand-printed bandanas, with their unique wild-life design.

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