27 Mar

Grow your own millet

MilletAs nature wakes up all around us here, it’s a lovely sight watching new life appear on trees and across the fields.  It’s that time of year for sowing and planting, and if you’ve ever been drawn to ‘grow your own’, check out the article about growing your own millet in the April issue of Parrots magazine.  As the article says ‘growing your own millet sprays and providing it fresh during the growing season and dried throughout the winter provides variety for your birds, even greater nutritional levels and is very enjoyable…’  If you don’t already subscribe to Parrots magazine, you can do so here (free gift with every 12 months’ subscription) or alternatively, buy the April issue here.  Let us know how you get on, we’d love to hear about it on our forum.


21 Mar

Spring has arrived!

Spring has arrivedWe at Parrots magazine work in offices located on a farm in the heart of Sussex, nestled amongst the South Downs.  We are blessed to enjoy beautiful views across the rolling hills, as you can see in the photo.

Today is the first day of Spring and as our countryside comes to life, Parrots magazine is springing into action so why not visit our website www.parrotmag.com

We’d love to hear from you on our Forum, and if you haven’t already registered, just click on ‘Create an Account’ on www.parrotmag.com/forum to get posting.

There’s a wealth of information on the site so hope you’ll take some time to have a good look around and that you’ll sign up for our e-newsletter too.

Look forward to seeing you there.

24 Dec

Happy Christmas everyone from all of us at Parrots magazine!

Happy Christmas everyone from all of us at Parrots magazine!
The February issue, due in the shop 23 January 2014, is all done and dusted and is loaded with expert advice. Kashmir K Csaky gives advice on getting rid of biting behaviour, Sally Blanchard has all the answers if your African Grey (or any other parrot) hates water and won't bathe and EB Cravens gives advice to newcomers to the hobby who are looking to buy their first parrot.
The magazine is here to support you, so if you are having problems with your parrot please email us and we will do our very best to help! Let's make 2014 a good year for parrots!

17 Dec

Christmas issue is out

The Christmas issue is due out on Thursday 19 December and I hope you enjoy it! Karen Chudley explains how much she enjoys life with her team of Green-cheeked Conures, EB Cravens discusses separation anxiety in baby parrots and Rosemary Low brings news of brand new research carried out in Holland on why African Greys feather-pluck. The results are quite revealing!

02 May

Volunteering is a great travel experience

For the last year the magazine has been providing some great ideas for volunteering opportunities, working with parrots and animals, around the world.
Carly Love, 18, decided to do just that, and went off to the Tambopata Research Centre in Peru. Starting in the June issue, Carly is writing of her experiences as a volunteer and sending back some great activity photos!
If you are interested in doing volunteer work, working with birds and animals, Carly's experience is a must-read! And, you don't have to be 18 to do it, anyone is welcome. If you are able to take time out, do your bit for endangered parrots and animals in the wild, and at the same time enjoy a unique travel experience!

22 Apr

Handling a hormonal Amazon

Pairing up companion Amazons when they reach breeding age, because they start getting noisy and difficult to handle, is a controversial subject! Read our lively debate on the subject in our letters page in the May issue and learn how two experienced Amazon owners have overcome the problem, but in different ways.

26 Apr

The final bird flies!

We have been following the ARA Project's Buffon's Macaws 2nd release programme in Costa Rica over the last six months and what an amazing story it has been! In the May issue the final bird flies and a very successful programme, as far as the releases are concerned, draws to an end. Don't miss the final instalment!
Although in the future I am sure we will do an update on all the birds and find out what they are getting up to.

18 Apr

April issue due tomorrow!

Subscribers should be receiving their May issue of Parrots magazine tomorrow and it will be in the shops Thursday 25 April.
We have a cracking issue for you, including articles on: Living with 11 very different macaws, taking foraging to a whole new level and the last bird flies in the ARA Project release programme. We also have Carly Love blogging back from Tambopata in Peru where she is spending three months as a volunteer and we discuss the attributes of the Lilac-crowned Amazon. There is, of course, loads more too!
Don't miss out!

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