30 May

Not long now!

think-parrots-parrot-100pxWe’re getting very busy now in preparation for #ThinkParrotsShow2014.  Think Parrots Show 2014 is not just a great day out and a brilliant venue to meet other like-minded, parrot-loving people, but is an opportunity to listen and learn, and to speak to some of the world’s top parrot experts with any questions you may have concerning your birds.  There is a large FREE hard-standing car park, a main line railway station on site, a wide range of catering available, an ATM to draw out cash and the venue has full disabled facilities.  The Masterclasses, the bird show and entry to the exhibition hall are all included in the £10 entry fee on the day, or Early Bird tickets can be purchased in advance for £9.  The Show opens at 10am and closes at 5pm, is sponsored by Northern Parrots, and the Masterclasses are supported by Loro Parque, Tenerife.  http://www.parrotmag.com/shop-subscribe/category/38-think-parrots-2014-entry-masterclass-tickets

23 May

Free classified advertising

Classified advertising is free on Parrots websiteWere you aware that you can place FREE private adverts on our website for Parrots and related items only? Full instructions on how to place your advert are shown, it’s all very simple! There are some rules that apply, so please make sure you click on the ‘Rules’ link and read thoroughly before placing any adverts. Head on over to http://www.parrotmag.com/parrot-social/freeads (The free ads offer does not apply to commercial ads , if you wish to advertise your business on our website, please look at our Advertisers’ page for more information – click on ‘Advertise’ at the foot of the ‘Classified Ads’ page.

12 May

Open All Hours

ShopIf you’re looking for information on parrots, we’ve got it covered!  There are a variety of items for sale in our online ‘Shop’ covering all parrots and parrot-like birds.  You can buy your Early Bird tickets for Think Parrots Show 2014, along with booking your FREE Masterclass tickets; subscribe to Parrots magazine - save money and claim a free gift; pre-order the next issue or order back issues; we’ve got binders to keep your magazines tidy and protected; as well as e-magazines, DVDs, videos and downloadable articles.  We have dedicated this store to bringing Parrots magazine products to parrot lovers everywhere.  CLICK HERE

06 May

A fascinating read

KakapoKakapoBabyWe hope you all had a nice break over Easter and enjoyed lots of lovely Easter eggs.  There’s a very interesting article in the May issue of Parrots magazine (issue 196) about the first birth of a Kakapo chick for 3 years - and that involved a rather delicate egg!  The story takes place in New Zealand, where Department of Conservation (DOC) officials are part of a DOC Kakapo Recovery Programme.  It’s a fascinating read. Click here to order a copy now.

24 Apr

Have you heard of an organisation called CITES?

CITESHave you heard of an organisation called CITES? It stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (of Wild Fauna and Flora).  It also relates to our captive-bred Parrots at various levels and other animals considered to be in danger of extinction in the wild. CITES came into being in 1973 to prevent the over-exploitation of certain wildlife species whose numbers could be adversely affected by international trade.

There are now over 160 Countries worldwide who are signatory partners to the Convention, each having a management authority relating to the issuing of licences and permits which for the UK is Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). In the USA the authority is US Fish and Wildlife Service (US FWS).

Find out more about it at www.parrotmag.com/parrot-care/cites

11 Apr

Can happen in a flash!

If the long-term weather forecasters are to be believed the UK is in for a heat-wave lasting for 4-6 weeks over the next 3-month period. This means without doubt large numbers of companion parrots will be lost through open windows and doors or just being taken outside on a shoulder. Please make sure your parrot doesn't become a victim through carelessness on your part and please never take your parrot outside without using a harness or a cage.
EB Cravens in this month's April issue explains in his column how helpless you feel when a treasured bird takes off and disappears and Kirsten Badham has also written an excellent article on the same subject, "What to do if your parrot escapes," and the tricks to getting it back. We also have a 6-page feature on two expats running a bird rescue in Belize which is truly inspirational!
There is of course loads more in this issue including a personality profile of the Blue & Gold Macaw by top behaviourist Sally Blanchard, advice from veterinarian Alan K. Jones on preventing PDD hitting your companion birds and Les Embrey discusses the 9 most important words to teach your parrot. Enjoy this issue!

17 Apr

Collecting Parrot Postcards

Grey Army ParrotHave you had a look at the parrot postcards on our website. It is possible to form a large collection of postcards around the theme of parrots and parakeets, which were very popular subjects, especially on the early comic or saucy postcards.

The one pictured here, ‘Grey Parrot for Sale’, was drawn by the artist, Donald McGill.

If you’ve got any parrot postcards, we’d love to add it to our collection, so please either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or send the postcard itself to Parrots Magazine, The Old Cart House, Applesham Farm, Coombes, West Sussex, BN15 0RP, UK, plus a brief description.

04 Apr

Buying a bird

If you’re thinking about buying a parrot, there is much to take into consideration. A parrot is for life – they can live as long as humans and require as much care, love and attention as any other member of the family.
Here are some of the points to bear in mind:
Never buy from an auction
Which type of bird would suit your family, living accommodation and lifestyle?
What to consider when buying – where to buy from, documentation, the bird’s condition?
If you’re buying an older bird, care must be exercised as there are a number of extra questions to be asked
What will happen to the bird when you go on holiday?
Make sure you know where your nearest avian vet is
Birds going ‘cheap’ usually turn out to be the most expensive – there’s no reason why a parrot in good condition should be sold at a bargain price.
Much more information about buying a parrot can be found in the Buyers Guides section of our website at http://www.parrotmag.com/parrot-care/buyers-guides

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