15 Aug

Moulted out feathers

Greg Glendall is requesting in the September issue of Parrots magazine, due out next week, that parrot owners send him their parrot's newly-moulted out primary flight feathers. Greg runs a feather donor service, free of charge, supplying avian vets with these feathers, which enable them to repair the wings of parrots and macaws which have suffered damage or a bad wing-clipping.
The donor feathers prevent wing-clipped birds from breaking their blood feathers during the moult. Greg has now completely run out of macaw feathers, and particularly needs newly moulted-out primary feathers from Green-winged, Scarlets and Blue & Golds.
Please send your feathers to:
Greg Glendall
P O Box 1160
BS25 2WD.
Don't forget to state which species of parrot they are from.

15 Apr

Spring means Think Parrots 2013!

Spring is here, which can only mean one thing, Parrots magazine's THINK PARROTS 2013 Show is only a few weeks away. We are all set for Sunday 19 May at Woking Leisure Centre, Surrey and are looking forward to seeing you all there.
Have a look at our show's website http://www.thinkparrots.co.uk/ to see who will be there. Buy your 'early bird' tickets now to enable you to save £1 on the day and book your workshop seats. Workshops were sold out last year so you must book to guarantee a place!

10 Aug

Lost Grey reunited

Within an hour of an African Grey being reported as found in Leeds, the owner was traced and the bird reunited.  It was the details from the bird's closed leg ring that made it possible to trace the breeder, and subsequently, the owner.  This proves the value of positive identification as without it, the owner may never have been found.  Closed leg rings are in one piece (not split) and have to be fitted when the bird is no more than a week or two old.  Micro-chips are even better as the owner can be quickly identified once the bird is scanned and its unique ID number shown. In the September issue, now out to subscribers, there is an article explaining micro-chipping, which is not expensive and can prevent much grief and trauma.  In the shops on 18th August.

09 Aug


Enrichment for companion, and breeding pairs of parrots, is absolutely essential, but this is not always about buying more and more toys - although they appreciate those too! Physical and mental enrichment is also about offering natural things. Fresh branches, suitable pieces of bark, non-toxic fresh flower-heads, and freshly-picked greenery out of the garden are all examples of items that can bring enrichment to a parrot's life. But, had you thought about offering your parrots pine cones which will be littering our paths shortly? Parrots absolutely love them!
In the September issue of Parrots Magazine due out next week, we explain how to treat pine cones so that they are safe to give to your parrots as a plaything, football, foot toy, chew toy and foodstuff, and they cost nothing!
Refer to the May 2011 issue of Parrots Magazine for examples of fresh flower-heads that can be safely offered to parrots, and please let us know if we have left any common flowers off our list!

05 Aug

Clean water bowls

On the subject of water bowls, in warmer weather fresh water, doesn't stay fresh for so long. And, if parrots are in the habit of throwing their food into their water bowl this will turn the water sour even quicker, and harmful bacteria will begin to take a hold. So, make sure water is kept out of direct sunlight and if food contamination is a real problem, consider moving the water and placing it on top of a heavy terracotta flower pot, so it is away from the food, but off the ground. It is also important that water dishes are not allowed to become slimy, which can also attract disease.

03 Aug

Watch that weather!

In hot weather, it is important to check water bowls, as it is amazing how quickly they can dry up - you need to check several times a day, particularly with small bowls.  Also, you can use the material that gardeners use to protect crops from high winds, to shade flights and aviaries.  Good polypropylene woven material that is available in garden centres makes ideal shading and can be secured with little wire hooks made from common galvanised garden wire.  Why not visit your local garden centre?

05 Aug

Feather plucking

Feather plucking and self-mutilation is an ongoing problem with many parrot owners worldwide, and can be caused by many different problems.  However, there have been instances where owners have given accounts where feathers have re-grown.  I am appealing for such accounts of recovery, which can be published in Parrots Magazine, so others, who have been affected, may learn from known successes.  You can email me at Parrots Magazine with your stories.

01 Aug

Parrots and crows

In the August issue we feature a news story about the respective brainpower of crows and keas. These parrots from New Zealand, are supposed to be one of the cleverest parrot species in the world, but are they cleverer than crows or some of the other parrot species?
The comparison between the brainpower of parrots with crows reminds me of the wonderful feature we covered in the July 2010 issue, where a free-flying macaw built-up an amazing rapport with the local wild crows, and they actually ended up saving his life. Parrots are incredibly intelligent creatures, and they never cease to amaze me!


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