14 Aug

Got a question about your parrot?

QueriesAnsweredOwning a parrot can be an all-consuming pastime with numerous things to consider to ensure its well-being and complete happiness.  Which cage do I buy, what’s the best food, why does my parrot do this – or that, do I need to use an avian vet or will any vet do?  These are just some basic questions, but there is a multitude of other questions that come up over the years.
Our four experts cover a wide range of issues including breeding, companion behaviour and veterinary advice.  With many years of experience between them you will receive the best expert advice available.
With Parrots magazine, you have the opportunity to put any queries you may have to our panel of experts.  So why not do that now?  Your Q&A may even get into the magazine!
Email us now - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or write to ‘Queries’, Parrots Magazine, The Old Cart House, Applesham Farm, Coombes, West Sussex, BN15 0RP, UK.

07 Aug

Back Issues and Binders

BindersBackIssuesWe’re just in the process of putting the September issue to bed and this will be issue number 212.  That means we’ve got a lot of back issues, with the number increasing every month, and that’s a lot of articles!  Needless to say, there is a vast amount of information covering all different subjects concerning parrots and although we list the available back issues in the magazine, it isn’t so easy to see what’s inside each one.
Starting tomorrow, we will be kicking off a long series of Facebook posts providing details of what’s in each back issue, beginning with issue 1 from December/January 1995.  Whilst you may think that the earlier issues are rather old, many of the articles are timeless, providing relevant and valuable information.
The price of each back issue is UK £3.95, Europe £4.95, USA & Canada US$9.00 and Rest of World £5.95, all prices include p&p/shipping.
Please note that some issues are sold out and remaining magazines are available while stocks last.
If you don’t want to wait for the Facebook posts, much of the information regarding back issues can be found on our website here: BACK ISSUES
If you are buying back issues, why not order a few binders, with a beautiful rainforest cover, to keep your magazines safe and in good condition.  They hold 12 issues and the hard-wearing laminated gloss finish reduces handling wear and tear.
Binders cost UK £8.95, Europe £12.50, USA & Canada US$18.00, Rest of World £15.00.  However, if you buy three or more, the price each drops to UK £7.95, Europe £11.50, USA & Canada US$17.00 and Rest of World £14.00, all prices include p&p/shipping.

31 Jul

Beware Strong Winds!

WindyIn the northern hemisphere, we have been having some strange weather over past weeks and often with some strong winds, unusual for this time of year.  It is easy to fall into a false sense of security thinking the weather is fine, but don’t be caught out.

Some of you might have aviaries that are partly protected with sheeting, which may well be the victims of high winds if not sufficiently secured.  It can be amazing what force a light to moderate wind can have on a large sheet – remember how yachts sail?  Apart from your aviaries becoming vulnerable, you don’t want tin or plastic sheets whizzing over your neighbour’s gardens!

23 Jul

Orthopaedic problems in birds

SkeletonForBlogWhen we think or read about ailments and diseases that parrots can succumb to we rarely think of orthopaedics.  It is surprising how many parrots suffer from deformities or accidental breakages of bones and the amount of work that goes into repairing them.  In the August issue (211), Daniel Calvo Carrasco MRCVS and Neil Forbes FRCVS enlighten us on the amount of work their practice does in repairing orthopaedic injuries and deformities.  In part one of the two part article, they describe the amazing work they do along with photographs showing examples of both deformity and injury.

The concluding part two of the article will appear in the September issue (212).

17 Jul

Rico’s Recovery

Rico cockatoo  Once in a while a story comes along that captures the hearts and minds of people,     and in our November 2014 issue, the heart-rending story by Lara Joseph about the accident her Umbrella Cockatoo, Rico, endured did just that (Learning from our accidents – Rico’s Story).   The incident, which happened in August 2014, involved Rico accidentally knocking a can of pvc primer all over himself.  Needless to say, Lara was distraught and after taking immediate action visiting local avian specialists, she also turned to the Facebook community, sharing her experience for education purposes and to keep them up-to-date with what was going on with her.  She received over 800 posts a day during those nail-biting hours upon hours following Rico’s accident, with support from all over the world.

Coming up in the August issue, we have an update on what has been happening with Rico and Lara since that fateful time – don’t miss it!  Due out in UK shops on Thursday 23 July 2015 or call us to subscribe on 01273 464777.


06 Jul

www.parrotmag.com – full of interesting stuff!!!

MonkParakeet PhotoBobAlisonHave you had a good look around our website?  If not, spend some time getting yourself familiar with the content, as you may find there’s a whole lot more on there than you first thought.
The Parrot Social header includes sections on parrot postcards, video and photo galleries, Forum – get chatting with other parrot enthusiasts, calendar of events, weekly blog, readers’ letters, free ads, suppliers and clubs.  The Parrot Care header includes the UK and Worldwide lost and found registers, CITES information, buyer’s guides, comprehensive and worldwide vets’ listing, breeders’ directory, and articles on breeding.  So already just from two headers, there is a lot of information for parrot owners.
The Shop is the place to go if you want to buy the latest issue of Parrots magazine, order a subscription, back issues, digital e-mags, books, dvds, binders, greetings cards, accessories, videos and articles for download.
Go to the Help and FAQ header to find out about registering with the site and one registration gives you access for all areas.
We look forward to welcoming you there!
Photo courtesy of Bob Alison

10 Jul

Going on holiday?

Here are just some of the things to bear in mind for while you are away, although please be aware this is a non-exhaustive list. 

·    Find a reliable friend you are totally confident in, who is happy to come into your home, or seek a close family relative who will live-in while you are away.

·    Whoever you decide on, make sure that they are familiar with an avian vet, in case of an emergency, and have their contact details to hand.

·    Make sure they are familiar with all the feeds and feeding arrangements.

·    Make sure the bird is left in complete safety, ie, cage or enclosure is secure, all items and accessories are securely fixed.

·    Make sure that nothing can be removed from any small items and ingested, and there are no tapes or strings that could get wrapped around the bird that could not be removed if you weren’t there.

·    Ensure that the person looking after your bird is aware of potentially hazardous positions for the cage or its enclosure, don’t put a cage directly in front of a window or radiator, or in any other place that could be subject to high or low temperatures.

·    Make sure the bird sitter is aware of household hazards, eg, overheating of non-stick appliances, air fresheners or any other potentially toxic vapours, fumes, aerosol can contents (eg, furniture polish, oven cleaners, etc.).

·    Also make sure you give that person your contact details in case or emergency.

26 Jun

Show Souvenir in the August issue

SubscribeWithBudgieWell, what another great Show!  Thank you to everybody who visited the Think Parrots Show, as well as to all our exhibitors, the show sponsors, Northern Parrots, and Rolf C Hagen Inc/HARI.  Even though it was Fathers’ Day, Kempton Park was filled with parrot enthusiasts soaking up the knowledge available from internationally renowned parrot experts, taking advantage of some great show offers, as well as seeing some beautiful parrots.
We’re working on the August issue at the moment, which will include this year’s Show Souvenir, chock-a-block with photos from the day, and will be in UK shops on Thursday 23 July.   If you don’t want to wait that long, you can always take out an annual subscription, saving yourself £10 on the UK shop price in the process, and look forward to the August issue dropping through your letterbox the week before.  Don’t miss out on your copy!
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