21 Oct

Amazing Christmas offers!

In the magazine, and on the website, Parrots is offering some amazing offers for Christmas!  If you buy 5 or more printed back copies, they are just £2 each!  But, take a look at the DVD's on offer too.  Our brand new CD with all 12 copies of our eMag from 2010 is just £19 including FREE delivery!  

But if you were to subscribe for 12 months (12 issues) for £35.75 you only pay for 11 plus we will give you the new CD of all 2010 eMags completely FREE - all shipping costs included! Have a lovely weekend!

13 Oct

A truly amazing Eclectus!

The November issue is due out next week, and is packed full of essential articles for all parrot lovers and breeders. Cockatiels are included in a big way, and there is one real tear-jerker about an Eclectus that escaped death by a whisker, but his miraculous recovery wasn't the end of it!

06 Oct

Send us your parrot ads!

If you are looking for a particular species of parrot, let us know asap, and we will put out a request for you under ‘Parrots Wanted’ in our classified pages, and don’t forget any parrots you wish to sell can also be advertised, in the magazine and on the website www.parrotmag.com free of charge.

02 Oct

Are your parrots confused?

This wonderful hot weather is all very well, but plants are coming into blossom and our parrots don't know if they are coming or going! Most should be going through the moult right now, and preparing body and soul for winter. But, if we're not careful they will be coming into breeding condition instead! Let us know how your parrots are handling this highly-unexpected and unseasonal weather!

28 Sep

Parrots for sale!

African Greys, cuddly tame Blue & Gold macaws, baby Maroon-bellied conures, a young cuddly-tame Sun Conure, mutation Golden-mantled Rosellas, lutino Ringnecks, blue Pennants, Sierra or Grey-hooded parakeets, blue Fischer's lovebirds, mutation Peach-faced, a mature male Moluccan cockatoo (aviary bird), Amboina Island King parrots, and a Pileated hen (or will swap for cock) are some of the parrots being offered for sale in this month's October issue of Parrots.

16 Sep

October issue due out next week

Hyacinthines, Amazons, Cockatoos, African Grey's and Cockatiels are all included in the action-packed October issue due out next week! Even though Hyacinthines are only for the specialist breeder, I guarantee that all breeders and lovers of parrots will enjoy reading about these awe-inspiring giants of the parrot world, and the amazing success story of this breeder.

23 Sep

Hedgerow berries in abundance!

Berries are abundant in the hedgerows and in our gardens at the moment, and we shouldn't let this chance to boost our parrots' diet pass us by. They are extremely nutritious, but also provide an exciting and fun-filled foraging and exercising work-out if whole branches full of ripe berries are offered and fixed high up in their flights.
Berries can also be picked and frozen very successfully to extend their relatively short season, and brought out as a cheery treat in winter. Have a look at Jim Hayward's article on the subject in the October issue, which has just come out, and find out the best berries to pick!

12 Sep

Cobnut season

Cobnut season
Throughout September and October there will be a plentiful supply of fresh cobnuts available, grown as an agricultural crop, mainly in the south of England. Cobnuts, sometimes known as filberts, are a cultivated variety of the wild hazelnut tree. So, if you have the time and inclination an hour or so could perhaps be well spent foraging in the countryside for a basketful of these highly-nutritious nuts, which will enhance the diet of any parrot, and benefit us humans too!

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