23 Dec

Christmas Greetings

It has been an interesting year for Parrots magazine, as we have seen the number of our Facebook fans now topping 3000 and many new subscribers coming on board. It is gratifying to see so many parrot owners are providing the best care for their birds.

We have covered some amazing stories demonstrating the sheer dedication of owners and the amazing tasks they have undertaken.  Social media has played a significant role in helping owners to communicate with each other, which has led to a lot of information and advice being shared.

Our new show next year - Think Parrots 2012 - has already brought together some amazing 'parrot' people and I hope it will also provide much enjoyment and interest on the day (20th May).

So with Christmas Day not that many hours away, I would like to wish all our readers, Facebook fans and contributors, a really great Christmas and many more happy years to enjoy with our birds.


20 Dec

Not one, but three companion Greys!

African Greys are one of the most popular companion parrots in this country, and one question that we get asked a lot is: How would a resident companion Grey Parrot react to another parrot moving in? Would he be delighted at having company? Would he still continue to talk? Would he remain as friendly as before? And, basically is it a good idea? In the January issue of the magazine this very question is addressed and Tina Waters explains exactly what it is like to live with three companion Greys and a Galah!

13 Dec

We have Christmas all wrapped up!

We have been working our socks off to get the January issue out to you early - well in time for Christmas - it will be in the shops from Thursday 15 December, (subscribers should have theirs by now). But, we would never compromise on the quality of the content, in our bid to meet deadlines, and we have loads in there that will keep you entertained for hours!

05 Dec

Snow's on the way!

OK, so a little later than I predicted, but the snow is now well and truly arriving! Please make sure all birds are well protected against the snow and cold, they don't like this weather any more than we do!
Also ensure that their water supply does not freeze and avoid using stainless steel pots during the worst of the weather.

11 Nov

Let's have your parrot queries!

Due to popular demand, and the number of letters we have received lately, Parrots magazine has decided to start up its parrot queries page again, and it appears for the first time in the December issue, due out next week. So, if you have a query on companion or breeding birds, our panel of experts will do their very best to answer!

01 Nov

Snow storms on the way?

I always reckon that if the east coast of the USA get bad weather - and they are having horrific unseasonal snow storms at the moment - it reaches the UK two weeks later! So, be prepared for the onslaught, and make sure all birds are sufficiently protected, for what may turn out to be another unusual winter, with freezing cold temperatures much earlier than expected. Let's hope I'm wrong!

03 Nov

Newark Show

Parrots Magazine will be at the Newark Show this coming Sunday (6th November) so why not come and say hello?  The show is held annually at the Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY.  Opens at 9.30am - 3.30pm. www.embba.co.uk  www.newarkshowground.com

27 Oct

Clocking up daylight hours

The clocks go back this weekend, and the nights are fast getting longer and longer. This is the time of year that it is important to provide artificial lighting so that our parrots can benefit from a full 12 hours daylight. This allows them to feed and remain active for longer, helping them to fight the cold, and if they benefit from avian full-spectrum lighting, it will help to keep them healthy - physically and mentally.

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