06 Apr

Happy Easter everyone!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  If you want to share eggs with your parrots this weekend, make sure it is of the natural kind and not the chocolate variety.  Chocolate is highly-toxic to parrots.  An even better way to provide your parrots with an extra special treat while going for a relaxing Eastertime stroll is to pick a few weeds that are young, fresh and clean for their delectation.  Budding or flowering fruit tree or nut tree branches are also much appreciated, but avoid cherry or chestnut.  So, don't forget to take a bag and a pair of secateurs with you! 

23 Mar

Chick and Mate aggression

Eb Cravens discusses an extremely important subject in the April issue of Parrots: Chick and Mate Aggression. He provides very sound advice on how to avoid it, or prevent it happening again. An absolute must-read for all parrot breeders! In the shops or available from this website now!

15 Mar

All about the Kakariki

Eric PriorWe are well and truly into spring now, we must be, the April issue of Parrots is due out next week, Thursday 22 March!  We have a very spring-like cover and due to popular demand I have interviewed top breeder Eric Prior and written an article on Kakarikis.  It is crammed full of top tips, great advice and vital guidelines to ensure you don't fall foul of hybrids.  A must-read for anyone breeding, or interested in breeding, these delightful parakeets. 
*  Eric will be in attendance at our THINK PARROTS 2012 SHOW, with his birds. 
12 Mar

What parrots would like to say to us...

In the March issue, in the shops now or available from the website, Eb Cravens poses the question, What would our parrots being saying to us if they could? An article, I suggest, that every bird keeper could learn from...

10 Mar

Two months is all it takes...

Wendy Holt-Billing told me recently that she is able to get any parrot on a good diet within two months, regardless of what bad habits they have got into. In the March issue she explains exactly how she does it, offering loads of tips and ideas.

16 Feb

Hot stuff!

ChilliSome of us like chillies and some don't, but our parrots love them.  We have included an article in the March issue, already in the post to subscribers, all about chillies and the benefits they can provide.  The March issue will be in the shops on 23rd February.

28 Feb

The amazing Vasa

Vasa ParrotIf you know nothing about Vasa Parrots my detailed article, in the March 2012 issue of Parrots magazine, about them will amaze you, and if you have a pet Vasa or are trying to breed a pair, it will provide you with a lot of vital tips to get the most out of your birds, and explain just where you are going wrong on the breeding front! If you think the Vasa is just another parrot, and not a very colourful one at that, then my interview with a top breeder and keeper of these very special parrots, will really open your eyes...

14 Feb

Book a workshop

Our Think Parrots 2012 show at Woking Leisure Centre in Surrey is rapidly gaining momentum.  Advance tickets are selling well and we are now taking bookings for the workshops.  You can attend the workshops if you buy a ticket on the day, but we recommend you pre-book in case all places have been previously allocated and none are available on the day of the show.  You can access all the information at www.thinkparrots.co.uk. and download a workshop booking form.

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