26 Oct

AG's great need for UV-rays

If you are an African Grey owner you will be particularly interested to read John Courtney-Smith's article on Getting the most out of Avian UV-lighting in the November issue of Parrots magazine.
All parrots greatly benefit from UV-lighting but an African Grey's need for these rays is even greater and as well as explaining how to fit the lighting to get the greatest benefit, John also explains why African Greys need to bask longer than most other parrots.

22 Oct

Latest issue

The November issue is now out and is crammed full of must-read articles! Top parrot trainer Michael Simmons from A World of Wings explains in his new column, which began in the October 2012 issue, how he goes about building an amazing rapport with each of his parrots. A bond that is so strong, he is able to free-fly them and they come back to him instantly on command because they want to. Forging a deeper bond with our parrots makes living with these amazing birds so much more satisfying and greatly benefits the parrots too!

15 Oct

Being able to call back a parrot

This must be one of the most important things you can teach a parrot to do, but many parrots - and this includes all parrot-like birds right down to budgies, cockatiels, parrotlets and lovebirds - are not trained to do this.
In the October issue Michael Simmons, one of the top parrot trainers in the country, explains how parrot owners should go about this, and says all parrots, whatever their background, have the ability to learn this task!

12 Oct

Taking on a rescue bird

In the October issue Bob Mann our Cockatoo, Macaw and Amazon Parrot expert explains just how to go about taking on a rescue Scarlet Macaw and introducing it into a new household, which already has two resident parrots. If anyone wants advice on this subject please send us an email and Bob will answer your queries.

01 Oct

All birds are sensitive...

Golden Conures have been described as being similar to Hyacinthine Macaws in as much as they are very sensitive and complex creatures. Only breeders that have spent much time with these species and really got to know them, have been successful breeding them. One such breeder is Pompom from South Africa who has specialised in breeding Golden Conures for many years, knows her birds inside out and as a result is one of the world's top breeders of these parrots.
Even though most of us don't actually keep Golden Conures we can still learn a lot from Pompom's experience with these birds and apply her observations and thoughts about her conures to parrots in general. We still have a lot to learn about parrots and the way they think and feel, and although we describe Golden Conures and Hyacinthines as sensitive, actually all birds are sensitive and complex in their way and the more we learn how to delve into their private world and understand them, the happier our parrots will be.
Pompom's amazing insight into the complex private world of Golden Conures in the October issue of Parrots is fascinating and will stay with you.

24 Aug

Volunteer in Peru!

If you fancy working with macaws and other parrots at some of the most stunning clay licks in the world and in the heart of the rainforest in Peru see the September 2012 issue of Parrots magazine out now. Volunteers are always needed, and this opportunity will provide you with an amazing and unforgetable experience!

30 Aug

Do you feed your birds perilla seed?

You may want to when you have read our article in the September issue outlining its benefits!

23 Aug

September issue out today!

The September issue of Parrots magazine is due in the shops today and is full of new innovative ideas for your birds' diet and wellbeing. This month we feature the Red-bellied parrot, which is a really special bird, and the magazine includes articles on cockatiels, two disabled eclectus and a cockatoo who was given a new beak...

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