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If you are considering volunteering to help animals overseas, during the last year Parrots Magazine has published details of some projects that have been undertaken:

Jul 2013: Dept of Environment & Conservation, Australia; www.dec.wa.gov.au

Dec 2013: ECHO, Bonaire, Caribbean; www.echobonaire.org

Jan 2014: La Senda Verde, North Yungas, Bolivia; www.sendaverde.com/volunteer-program.html

Feb 2014: Fundacion Pro-Bosque, Cerro Blanco Protected Forest, Ecuador; www.bosquecerroblanco.org

Mar 2014: Merazonia Animal Refuge, Ecuador; www.merazonia.org

Apr 2014: Belize Bird Rescue, Cayo District, Belize; www.belizebirdrescue.com/volunteer.html

May 2014: Utila Iguana Conservation Project, Utila Island, one of the Bay Islands, off Honduras; www.utila-iguana.de

Jun 2014: ARA Project, Costa Rica; www.thearaproject.org

Jul 2014: Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project, Sri Lanka; www.kosgodaseaturtle.org

Aug 2014: Esperanza Verde, Peru; www.esperanzaverdeperu.com

Not all the projects are to help with parrots, but nevertheless, they may be of interest.  Please note that since publication, the projects may vary or have stopped, so please check on the websites for current volunteering opportunities.

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