11 Jul

Birdie Bread

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Birdie BreadNutrition for your parrot’s health is obviously of great importance.  In the July 2014 issue of Parrots Magazine, Leslie Moran’s series about ‘The Holistic Parrot’ continues with an article entitled ‘Is “birdie bread” a good way to provide nutrition?’  Leslie investigates the ingredients available for making “birdie bread” and offers great advice about what to avoid, the nutritional values involved and how cooking destroys nutrients.  Leslie concludes ‘having reviewed the nutritional data we can see that “birdie bread” is not really very healthful or nutritious’ and that ‘in the overall food plan “birdie bread” should make up less than 5% of the total foods fed, as it is really only a comfort food.  Leslie shares her recipe for Banana-nut Bread, which proves very popular with her flock and also talks about the most valuable reason for sharing this comfort food with your parrot. http://www.parrotmag.com/buy-the-latest-issue

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