20 Sep

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Lost and found

Last month we reported that parrot thefts are currently well down compared with previous years and this trend continues. During the last four weeks we have been notified of only two actual break-ins when birds were stolen and those thefts albeit planned crimes are not connected and appear to be ‘one-off’ incidents.
The first theft took place overnight in the Guildford area of Surrey when the thieves broke into external aviaries and stole three parrots. Those taken comprised of two African Greys and a Lesser-sulphur Crested Cockatoo. There is no doubt that they will have been offered for sale and we appeal for anyone with information to come forward and help track them down.
One important aspect is that the Cockatoo is now listed on Annex A – Appendix 1  and such species can only be sold legally with an Article 10 licence issued by the Department for the Environment, namely the UK management for CITES. It is not always an easy matter for bird-keepers to keep abreast with the relevant legislation, especially the pet owners who rarely enter into trade. The Lesser-sulphur Crested Cockatoo in fact was only upgraded to Annex A in 2004 following the CITES Conference of Parties held in Bangkok that year. We would advise all parrot enthusiasts to keep an eye on the CITES listings so readily available on the Parrotmag.com website. It must be emphasised that to buy or sell such a bird without the licence is a serious criminal offence.
The other incident, again at night relates to the theft of a collection of Budgerigars from an aviary at a private house in Gravesend, Kent. This is a particularly sad event as the lady owner who bred the stock loved to watch and listen to the birds whilst in her garden and she is devastated with her loss. Some information has come to light locally that the thieves placed the Budgerigars in their own aviary and many subsequently escaped. We await ay reports of stray birds being sighted in the area and the Police have been notified.
Dealing now with the lost and found parrots for the month, again the main escape artists are the African Greys. In fact we received reports of twenty lost in this period with a further eleven being found. It is pleasing that a number have been re-united with their owners but so many have no ring or microchip in order to track down the keepers. It can be seen on the website, that we can cater for any bird internationally and one Grey was registered lost in California and has safely been returned home.
Other lost unclaimed parrots include Parakeets in Horley, Surrey, Bucks Hill, Essex, Plymouth and Torquay, Devon. A Senegal was found in Leicester, an Alexandrine in Birmingham, a Parrotlet in Blackpool, an Eclectus at Sevenoaks, Kent, and an Amazon at Stoke On Trent.
As already mentioned, all of the lost, found and stolen birds can be viewed on the parrotmag.com register at www.parrotmag.com/lost-and-found-register
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