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Dear Parrots magazine,

Proper nutrition is essential

I really enjoyed Tony Silva’s two part series on avian nutrition. It was heartening to learn that we agree on a number of important points. Such as, there must be many items in a wild parrot’s diet that cannot be observed and documented by researchers in the field, that pellets alone do not make up a complete avian diet, likewise, seeds fed alone must not be the only food source, the value of feeding organic foods and that different parrot species have specific micronutrient nutritional needs.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

My Cockatoo's fine

I read the article about Aggression in Cockatoos. My Moluccan Cockatoo named Max will be 25 years old this summer. I have never seen him act aggressively, and he doesn’t have an assaultive bone in his body. Max is a clown and he constantly does things which he thinks are funny. That picture of the Moluccan, in the article, with his feathers puffed and his wings outstretched, is a prime example. I ask Max “are you a tough guy?” and he assumes that pose and hisses and bounces up and down. He then starts laughing and he puts his face next to my mouth to get a kiss. He then does it all over again.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

What a reputation

I read Tony Silva's article on Cockatoos in a recent edition of Parrots magazine and it gave me the impression that all Cockatoos are aggressive. I have two Umbrellas and a Triton that could not be more affectionate, although I have read instances when male Cockatoos have killed the females. I accept that out of all the parrot species, Cockatoos can attract a reputation of being very outgoing and in need of owners who fully understand their personalities and characters.  I have to say that my Triton, at one time, did become somewhat of a handful, but with understanding, and reading some very helpful articles, I have overcome all the issues.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Two faces of Rupert

Thank you for your article on Cockatoo aggression. I feel like it has been written about my much loved Galah Cockatoo, Rupert. One moment he is rolling onto his side wanting me to kiss him, and the next minute he is flying to attack me. For some reason when I turn my back to him this is when he attacks me.

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