Parrots magazine readers letters

Dear Parrots magazine,


My name is Carolyn and your magazine inspired me to paint some of the beautiful parrots in your magazine. Hope you like them.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Neutral rooms do work

Your article in the July issue about neutral rooms has worked a treat.  I have a Green-cheeked Conure and I wanted some company for him as he seemed somewhat forlorn on his own.  It was at that time that a friend of a friend, who bred Maroon-bellied Conures offered me one of his birds that was surplus to requirements and about three years old, which was a similar age to my own Conure.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Not always someone else

It is a common trait to think that things always happen to someone else and not you.  Having been a subscriber for many years now, I tend to look at your website and am always horrified to see how many birds get lost during warm sunny weather when windows and doors are left open, and have always felt very sorry for other people as these things never happen to me.  But I was wrong.  It did happen to me.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Pleasant Surprise

When my copy of Parrots with the Parrotlet on the front hit my doormat, I was over the moon, as these little parrots have always attracted my attention.

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