Parrots magazine readers letters

Dear Parrots magazine,

My New Family

Who says animals don’t give you great comfort? It was three years ago, when sadly I lost my husband and have been living on my own ever since. This has been an extremely difficult time for me as my health has also suffered. Needless to say depression set in and I reluctantly went on to anti-depressants from my doctor.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Can you move it?

Following the recent letter entitled ‘How About Up Here?’, can I add my endorsement to the plea for the Think Parrots Show to be located in a more geographically central position?

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Go natural!

An elderly relative who had recently died had a White-fronted Amazon and as I was the most animal orientated relative, this parrot, complete with cage, ended up with me, as I already had a Green-cheeked Conure.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Be responsible

I tend to look up the ‘Lost and Found’ information on the Parrots website and find it so sad and unnecessary that during summer months the number of escaped birds rises significantly.

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