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Dear Parrots magazine,

Natural is best

I have an African Grey and have always used natural perches in his cage, although he spends most of his time sitting on top of it. When I first put the perches in they were from a neighbour’s apple tree, which were fitted in position complete with bark.  That was about five years ago and what he did first of all was to strip all the bark off, which gave him hours of pleasure and although he has chewed some chunks out of this perch, it has been his favourite all this time.  Well for some time, he has been having a real go and actually chewed through it when I heard this crashing from his cage as he fell off it when it broke.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

What a surprise!

I have been keeping Amazons and Macaws for over 15 years and have just come across Parrots magazine. I live in a small town and it was on one occasion recently, I was in the newsagents, picking up my tv guide, that the person in the queue in front of me asked for her Parrots magazine.

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Dear Parrots magazine,

Harness Success

I read a lot about harnesses and I so wanted to take my Orange-wing outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun, so I bought a harness. That is when the fun started!

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Dear Parrots magazine,

A Rounded Diet

The conflict between pellets and seed diets seems to be rumbling on and on, and we read quite a bit about both sides of the debate. But above all else, particularly over the last few years, a lot has been made about fresh food, fruit and vegetables.

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