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It is with great sadness we announce that John Hayward passed away on October 3rd 2018. John was a highly respected retired Chief Detective Inspector and Wildlife Liaison Officer and has managed the National Theft Register, and our Lost and Found Register in Parrots magazine, for the past 17 years. John has worked with great passion to help re-unite lost parrots with their owners, as well as many other animals, and it is because of his incredible work, that the number of thefts has been kept down and many birds have been reunited with their owners.

Until someone can be found to take over this invaluable work, his family has kindly offered to help as much as possible and anyone with urgent queries should still call the NTR number on 01869 325699 or to email, click here.

Sadly John's wife, Anita, who was a great support to him in his work, passed away earlier this year. So whilst the family are going through such a sad time, it would be appreciated that only urgent calls are made.

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Register Country Date Ref Details
Lost Arkansas, USA 29.08.2012 13038 Lost on 29.8.2012 at Arkansas, USA an African Grey.
Lost Belfast N.I. 01.08.2012 12915 Lost on 1.8.2012 at Belfast N.I. a Jenday Conure.
Found Belgium 24.06.2012 12749 Found on 24.6.2012 at Brussels, Belgium a Rosella.
Lost South Australia 05.12.2011 12289 Lost on 5.12.2011 at Murray Bridge, South Australia a Conure.
Lost Cookstown, N. Ireland 02.10.2011 12142 Lost on 2.10.2011 at Cookstown, N. Ireland a Green-cheeked Conure.
Lost Granard, S. Ireland 11.09.2011 12070 Lost on 11.9.11 at Granard, S. Ireland a Blue and Gold Macaw.
Found Ireland Belfast 12.08.2011 11954 Found on 12.8.2011 at Belfast a Cockatoo.
Found new hampshire USA 09.08.2011 11918 09 August 01:35 found hahns macaw in new hampshire, also please feel free to post on anyother site. he is such a nice bird he must be missing his family Contact Joanne at 978-808-4421 or email
Lost Belfast Ireland 05.08.2011 11917 Lost on 5.8.2011 at Belfast a Ducorps Cockatoo, found locally.
Lost Iowa USA 18.05.2011 11598 Lost on 18.5.2011 at Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA a Cockatiel.
Lost IL USA 12.04.2011 11332 LOST AFRICAN GREY Skya, a one year old CAG, flew out her owner's door on Tuesday. They have the cage sitting outside in hopes that she will return. The bird lived in Woodstock, IL. If you have any information, please call David or Chrissy Kruk at 815-823-2132. Any help is appreciated!
Stolen UK 05.02.2011 11331 Stolen overnight 4/5th February 2011from Lyon Zoo, France four Primates comprising of two Mountain Monkeys (Cercopithecus lhoesti) and two Emperor Tamarins (Sanguinas imperator subgrisescens). They are all positively identifiable. It is vital that they be recovered as breeding programmes have been destroyed as the result of this theft. Please pass any information to John Hayward, Co-ordinator, National Theft Register, Tel: 01869 325699 Email:
Stolen UK 11.01.2011 11330 Stolen on 11.1.2011 at Bournemouth, Dorset three African Greys, four Vinaceous Amazons and a Lilac-crowned Amazon.
    11.01.2011 11073 The burglary in Bournemouth was planned and well executed. All the birds are identifiable and of note is the fact that the Amazons are CITES Annex A and require licences. To trade without ‘papers’ is a serious offence. We appeal for any information and if anyone has them offered, please call us. Rewards exist for their safe recovery and any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thieves.
Theft World wide 24.11.2010 11071 Re reference number 8584 = TWO men have been jailed after admitting stealing exotic and valuable parrots from a farm near Wisbech. Trevor Pitts, 36, and James Collins, 34, travelled from their homes in South Yorkshire using hire vehicles in order to steal the rare birds in 2008. The court heard the pair stole 17 parrots worth up to £130,000 from aviaries at an isolated farm in Friday Bridge overnight on September 13 and 14, 2008.Ten were Red-tailed Amazons worth about £100,000, two were Blue-fronted Amazons, two Vinaceous Amazons and one a Cuban Amazon.The birds are very rare, in the wild and in captivity. All of the birds still need to be found. CAN YOU HELP? There is a possibility that they were moved out of the UK and into Europe.
Found Co Antrim 17.08.2010 11070 Found on 17.8.10 at Co Antrim, a Budgerigar
Found Dublin 17.08.2010 11060 Found on 17.8.10 in Dublin, an African Grey
Found Grand Junction, Colorado,USA 22.03.2010 10528 Found on 22.3.10 at Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, a Parakeet with a ring
Theft Co.Wicklow, Ireland 06.02.2010 10489 Stolen on 6.2.10 at Co.Wicklow, Ireland, a large collection of mules and pied Greenfinches
Theft Bird Park Holland 18.09.2009 10331 Stolen on night of Friday 18th September 2009 from a Bird Park in Holland, a collection of Softbills and a Green-cheeked Amazon ring No.1HO2311. Full details already circulated.
Found Belfast 30.06.2009 10023 Found on 30.6.09 at Belfast, an African Grey
Lost Enniskillen, N. Ireland 29.05.2009 09013 Lost on 29.5.09 at Enniskillen, N. Ireland an African Grey.
Theft ISRAEL 24.12.2008 08847 Major Parrot Theft ISRAEL. Stolen on 24.12.2008 from a Zoological Centre at Tel Aviiv, Israel, Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger atterimus), Blue-throated Macaw (Ara gaucogularis), Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao), Cuban Amazon (Amazona leucocephala), Major Mitchell's Cockatoo (Cacatua leadbeater). It was first thought that the stolen birds remained in the Country, but it is now considered that they have been shipped out. These parrots are all in breeding programmes which have consequently been destroyed. They are all positively identifiable and we can check out any suspect bird. We have been asked to assist and therefore request that all specialist breeders in the UK with overseas connections spread the word re this significant theft. Can I further ask for BIAZA to circulate to all members and EAZA, UK Wildlife Crime Unit to CITES Secretariat and Interpol and to CITES Team Heathrow. Defra please inform Enforcement Inspectors and PAW Secretariat. Many thanks. Any information re these items to my office please on 01869 325699 email John Hayward - Co-ordinator- National Theft Register Exotic Animals.
Theft Omagh, Northern Ireland 13.12.2008 08746 Stolen on 13.12.08 from Omagh, Northern Ireland, twp Quaker Parrots
Theft France 12.03.2008 08087 Stolen on 12.3.08 from a motor caravan at Moustiers St.Marie, Provence, France, a Black-headed Caique. The owners are touring and reside in North Wales

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