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It is with great sadness we announce that John Hayward passed away on October 3rd 2018. John was a highly respected retired Chief Detective Inspector and Wildlife Liaison Officer and has managed the National Theft Register, and our Lost and Found Register in Parrots magazine, for the past 17 years. John has worked with great passion to help re-unite lost parrots with their owners, as well as many other animals, and it is because of his incredible work, that the number of thefts has been kept down and many birds have been reunited with their owners.

Until someone can be found to take over this invaluable work, his family has kindly offered to help as much as possible and anyone with urgent queries should still call the NTR number on 01869 325699 or to email, click here.

Sadly John's wife, Anita, who was a great support to him in his work, passed away earlier this year. So whilst the family are going through such a sad time, it would be appreciated that only urgent calls are made.

Click here for our Parrots UK Lost and Found Register page.

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Register Country Date Ref Details
Found Co. Durham 22.02.2018 17782 Found on 22.2.2018 at Barnard Castle, Co. Durham an Amazon.
Lost California, USA 15.02.2018 17776 Lost on 15.2.2018 at Sonora, California, USA a Amazon
Lost Pennsylvania, USA 12.09.2017 17720 Lost on 12.9.2017 at Miffliville, Pennsylvania, USA a Timneh Grey.
Stolen Holland 01.11.2017 17693 Stolen on 1.11.2017 in Holland, 225 Canaries.
Lost Costa Del Sol, Spain 14.10.2017 17675 Lost on 14.10.2017 at Nerja, in the Pago La Galera area between Nerja and Frigiliana, Costa Del Sol, Spain an African Grey.
Lost Pennsylvania, USA 21.06.2017 17479 Lost on 21.6.2017 at Auburn, Pennsylvania, USA an African Grey.
Found Malaga, Spain 07.12.2016 17162 Found on 7.12.2016 at Malaga, Spain a Cockatoo.
Lost N. Ireland 30.09.2016 17075 Lost on 30.9.2016 at Carrickfergus, N. Ireland an African Grey.
Lost Maryland, USA 13.08.2016 16968 Lost on 13.8.2016 at Germantown, Maryland, USA a Sun Conure.
Lost Santa Ana, CA, USA 28.07.2016 16922 Lost on 28.7.2016 at Santa Ana, CA, USA an African Grey.
Lost Queens, New York City, USA 06.04.2016 16825 Lost on 6.4.2016 at Queens, New York City, USA an African Grey.
Lost Connecticut, USA 19.04.2016 16638 Lost on 19.4.2016 at Connecticut, USA an African Grey.
Lost Dubai, UAE 13.01.2016 16497 Lost on 13.1.2016 at Dubai, UAE, an African Grey.
Stolen Germany 14.12.2015 16458 Stolen overnight 13/14 December 2015 from a zoo in West Germany, two Hyacinth Macaws.
Found Dubai, U.A.E. 22.11.2015 16434 Found on 22.11.2015 at Dubai, U.A.E. a Cockatoo.
Lost OH, USA 01.09.2015 16298 Lost on 1.9.2015 at Cleveland Heights, OH, USA a Cockatiel.
Lost Genoubie, South Africa 10.05.2015 15847 Lost on 10.5.2015 at Genoubie, South Africa an African Grey.
Lost PA, USA 19.04.2015 15787 Lost on 19.4.2015 at Whitehall, PA, USA an African Grey.
Stolen Miami, USA 06.04.2015 15735 Stolen on 6.4.2015 at Miami, USA a Green-winged Macaw.
Lost Zephyrhills, Florida, USA 11.03.2015 15700 Lost on 11.3.2015 at Zephyrhills, Florida an African Grey.
Stolen Carnation, Washington State, USA 22.02.2015 15647 Stolen on 22.2.2015 at Carnation, Washington State, USA fifty parrots comprising of Senegals, Conures, Monk and Meyer’s Parakeets, Black-headed and Red-bellied Parrots, Cockatoos and Corellas.
Lost KwaZulu Natal, South Africa 22.12.2014 15557 Lost on 22.12.2014 at Kaw Zulu, Natal, South Africa two Conures. Also lost was a Goffin’s Cockatoo later recovered. The Conures are still outstanding.
Lost Victoria, Australia 23.10.2014 15463 Lost on 23.10.2014 at Victoria, Australia a Conure.
Lost Co. Meath, Ireland 22.09.2014 15405 Lost on 22.9.2014 at Co. Meath, Ireland an African Grey.
Stolen Rotterdam, Holland 05.09.2014 15333 Stolen on 5.9.2014 at Rotterdam, Holland a collection of Rare Guira Cuckoos.

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