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It is with great sadness we announce that John Hayward passed away on October 3rd 2018. John was a highly respected retired Chief Detective Inspector and Wildlife Liaison Officer and has managed the National Theft Register, and our Lost and Found Register in Parrots magazine, for the past 17 years. John has worked with great passion to help re-unite lost parrots with their owners, as well as many other animals, and it is because of his incredible work, that the number of thefts has been kept down and many birds have been reunited with their owners.

Until someone can be found to take over this invaluable work, his family has kindly offered to help as much as possible and anyone with urgent queries should still call the NTR number on 01869 325699 or to email, click here.

Sadly John's wife, Anita, who was a great support to him in his work, passed away earlier this year. So whilst the family are going through such a sad time, it would be appreciated that only urgent calls are made.


Click here for our Parrots Worldwide Lost and Found Register page.

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Register Date Reference Details
Lost 04.08.2017 17556 Lost on 4.8.2017 at Tilstock, Salop a Macaw.
Lost 07.08.2017 17555 Lost on 7.8.2017 in Birmingham an African Grey.
Found 08.08.2017 17554 Found on 8.8.2017 at Ashington, Northumberland a Cockatiel.
Lost 05.08.2017 17552 Lost on 5.8.2017 at Orpington, Kent an African Grey.
Found 06.08.2017 17550 Found on 6.8.2017 at Northampton, Northants a Parakeet.
Lost 01.08.2017 17549 Lost on 1.8.2017 at Brierley Hill, West Mids a collection of Kakarikis.
Lost 04.08.2017 17548 Lost on 4.8.2017 at Mitcham, Surrey a Cockatiel.
Lost 31.07.2017 17547 Lost on 31.7.2017 at High Wucombe, Bucks a Cockatoo.
Found 26.07.2017 17546 Found on 26.7.2017 at Snodland, Kent a Lovebird.
Found 01.07.2017 17545 Found on 1.7.2017 at Flint, Wales a Parakeet.
Found 31.07.2017 17544 Found on 31.7.2017 at Buntingford, Herts a Parakeet.
Found 29.07.2017 17543 Found on 29.7.2107 at Winscombe, Somerset a Parakeet.
Lost 23.07.2017 17542 Lost on 23.7.2017 at Poole, Dorset an African Grey.
Found 28.07.2017 17541 Found on 28.7.2017 at Eat Horsley, Surrey a Canary.
Found 28.07.2017 17540 Found on 28.7.2017 at Winterbourne, Gloucs a Bourke’s Parakeet.
Found 26.07.2017 17539 Found on 26.7.2017 at Tadworth, Surrey an African Grey.
Lost 26.07.2017 17538 Lost on 26.7.2017 at Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland an African Grey.
Lost 25.07.2017 17537 Lost on 25.7.2017 at Chatham, Kent an African Grey.
Lost 24.07.2017 17536 Lost on 24.7.2017 at Bolton, Lancs an African Grey.
Found 24.07.2017 17535 Found on 24.7.2017 at Manchester an African Grey

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