Dear Parrots magazine,

Destroying our planet

I was pleased to read Laura Hirst's article on conflict that faces our wildlife and in particular, our parrots.

For years, we have been destroying or precious planet because of the greed of mankind.  And it is our wildlife that is under attack.  It is not only the Hyacinths that are suffering, but many other parrots around the world.  Vast areas of the world's rainforests are being cleared for the production of palm oil and for rearing cattle.  But what we don't realise is that much of this destruction is not reversible with some areas changing forever.

Many of the endangered species are now threatened because of the very long distances they have to fly in search of food and nesting sites, as their habitat is being destroyed, and nest holes are disappearing as trees are cut down.  What a sad state we are subjecting our planet to!

Deborah Parkin, Glamorgan


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