Dear Parrots magazine,

Sharing my home with 2 AGs

Thank you for the lovely uplifting article on Pedrocska and Babuci, two African Greys living in Hungary in issue (189) October 2013. Jutka Nagyne’s birds are an absolute credit to her and her devotion to them is just wonderful.

I have often wondered whether Pedro my African Grey would be happier if he had company, as I am out at work for three days during the week, but was always afraid that he would either resent another parrot in our home or would no longer be as tame towards me. Jutka seems to have achieved the ultimate lifestyle for her birds and the fact that they get on so well, while still individually remaining close to her too, is very special. Thank you Jutka, you may have just inspired me to get a second Grey!

Annabel Close, email



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