Dear Parrots magazine,

What a surprise!

I have been keeping Amazons and Macaws for over 15 years and have just come across Parrots magazine. I live in a small town and it was on one occasion recently, I was in the newsagents, picking up my tv guide, that the person in the queue in front of me asked for her Parrots magazine.

I had never heard of Parrots magazine and was intrigued to know more and, by asking a few questions, found out this lady had been ordering it for the last four and a half years, but just by coincidence she happened to be in front of me in this queue at this particular time. Had this not have happened I may never have known of its existence. I suspect it is available on the Internet, but I don’t do computers – a bit of an old fashioned lad I suppose. So how delighted I was to come across this and now this newsagent is ordering in two copies each month.

Ted Buckman, Co. Durham


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