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Recommending a light dimmer

The article in December issue about parrot sleep struck an important chord with me, as I have always been concerned about how we ‘tuck up’ our birds when we turn in for the night. The article mentions the activities and noise that take place in many homes. In the wild, of course, birds will roost as the light diminishes naturally, but when in captivity, it can be a completely different situation.

For many years, I have had a light dimmer that is used with one table lamp in the room where two parrots live. This dimmer gradually turns down the light to ‘off’ over about 20-25 minutes. When the family gradually vacate the living part of the house, in conjunction with a diminishing light source, I feel this is as near as we can get to a natural environment. I would recommend a light dimmer to anybody, and even those who breed birds should have one in their bird room.

Julie Smithson, by email


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