In issue 264 -
Parrots as companion pets. By Elaine Henley
In issue 264 -
Psittacine Breeding Tips, Volume IV. Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
In issue 264 -
What is light and why is it so important? By John Courteney-Smith MRSB
In issue 264 -
Yellow-eared Parrot Unites a Nation. By Paul Salaman, Alex Cortes and David Waugh

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Parrot Events

Parrot events


What's on in the parrot world, events, conferences and shows and more..

No-Deal Brexit


What will happen to CITES movements if we leave the EU without a deal?

Lots to think about, so we have included some information here from Defra to answer the many questions that will no doubt be raised in the event of a no deal Brexit.


Think Parrots 2020

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New issue: December 2019


Parrots December 2019 edition available now

In this issue … Helping the Swift Parrot – David Waugh of Loro Parque discusses the compelling research and hi-tech nest boxes that are helping this parrot; Eb Cravens presents Volume III of Psittacine Breeding Tips with advice for the dedicated novice bird breeder; Rosemary Low's series on People Helping Parrots reaches part 10, with Neiva Guedes, saviour of the Pantanal Hyacinths; Hyperactivity and aggression in parrots – Leslie Moran looks at the role of EFAs; Parrots as companion pets – Elaine Henley provides valuable information about the issues we experience as pet caregivers; Parrots magazine's special selection of Christmas Offers; Paco's story – part two of Sally Blanchard's article about her Double-yellow Headed Amazon; RSPCA birds for re-homing; News from Loro Parque: Control of species and results; Wild birds and the environment – Sally Blanchard tells about her enthusiasm for ornithology; The feral Ringnecks – a common site in the UK; How Do Parrots View The World? – a book review by Devorah Bennu; Breeding performance of the Lear's Macaw by Tony Pittman; Monica Xiao’s cartoon of Koi & Bei birds; News stories from around the world; Your parrot queries answered by our panel of experts; Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events; Back issue list; DVDs and eMag CDs; Subscription details; Classified adverts; and lots more…

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