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Parrot Events

Parrot events


What's on in the parrot world, events, conferences and shows and more..

New issue: April 2019


Parrots April 2019 edition available now

In this issue … RSPCA report and birds for re-homing; Dr David Waugh explains about robotic drones locate and monitor the Swift Parrots; Eb Cravens asks ‘So, you are thinking about getting a pet Eclectus Parrot’; Think Parrots Show 2019 Spot the difference! Chance to win a pair of tickets…; Think Parrots Show 2019 Masterclass speakers, Microchipping and Free-flying Displays; Sally Blanchard explains how manipulation and play can indicate intelligence in parrots; Leslie Moran takes an indepth look at Blueberries, a tasty superfood; Robert Alison focuses on Orange-chinned Parakeet populations and range; Diana Craig considers what your parrot’s new family needs to know?; Loro Parque Fundación’s latest report; Rosemary Low’s latest column ‘People Helping Parrots’ focuses on Sarah Otterstrom; Elizabeth Wright tells us how a Blue and Gold Macaw called Fred, became ‘Sir Frederick’; Dr Allen M Dresher shares how his Moluccan Cockatoo showed great intelligence; Chris Bunting says his Cockatiel, Lola, is definitely not a ‘beginner’s bird’; Monica Xiao’s cartoon of Koi & Bei birds; News stories from around the world; Jim Hayward Breeding Advice on Madagascar Lovebird; Your parrot queries answered by our experts; Letter from our readers; Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events; Classified adverts; and lots more…

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