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Parrot Events

Parrot events


What's on in the parrot world, events, conferences and shows and more..

New issue: Nov. 2017


Parrots November 2017 edition available now

In this issue … Basil - the ‘royal’ amongst herbs! Find out a little more about it…; Eb Cravens explores lesser known pet parrot species that charm and captivate, part one; Leslie Moran investigates foods that neutralise xenoestrogens; Sally Blanchard with part two about people, parrots and their vet; Pat Tucker of the SPBE enlightens us about the talking ability of Conures; Annie MacIntyre shares more considerations for a parrot’s cage in part two; Jennifer Ryan sheds some light on getting things ready for winter to help your birds; Rosemary Low visits the museum in Berlin where Macaws come to life; Isobel Thompson has some good ideas about foraging toys; Tom Dutton MRCVS provides an update on cause, diagnosis and management of PDD; Christmas Offers - some great deals for all parrot-lovers; Fireworks - some things to consider for your birds; Reader’s Story: The two of us; Karen Chudley with a snippet about Orinoco and Basil’s antics; Bird Alert - regular update; Loro Parque Fundación’s latest news; Your parrot queries answered by our experts; Letters from our readers; Latest calendar dates for parrot-related events. And lots more…

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